RCBC student maximizes online learning to continue earning
Wednesday, Jun 16, 2021

Danielle DeCarolis

For Rowan College at Burlington County student Danielle DeCarolis, choosing a major was a process that took her in a direction she never thought she wanted. DeCarolis, a self-proclaimed “workaholic,” has spent the last 14 years at her job at a Philadelphia-area financial institution. During that time, she honed her supervisory skills while working her way up the ladder and coming to the realization that business was her forte. 

“I could never find a major that was a good fit for me,” DeCarolis shared. “I tried so many different things, and nothing really clicked. I eventually dropped out because I was so frustrated. I was never, ever, ever interested in business. I was always more of a fine arts person, but I realized after more than 10 years at my job that it's actually a great fit for me. I don't think if you asked high school me what I'd be doing with my life, that my current job or my enrollment in school for business would have ever been a guess.”

And yet, here she is, an RCBC Business Administration major, ready to add a new skillset to her arsenal while approaching each class with an open mind and a sense of humor (she enjoys introducing herself to her classmates in silly ways at the beginning of each class). Due to her busy work schedule, DeCarolis was drawn to the flexibility offered through RCBC’s online options. 

“It can be challenging working toward a degree while also working your job, but I find that it can also be very rewarding,” DeCarolis said. “Online courses (specifically DLC) are ideal for me because I almost never leave the office on time, and I don't work locally, so I have to fit class time in whenever and wherever I have a chance, and it gives me the flexibility to commit the time deserved to my job, my team and our members/customers. It's relieving to be able to dedicate my time in a way that I'm in control of so that I can still make my other commitments.” 

As someone who has struggled with anxiety and education for decades, Danielle looks forward to finally earning her degree. 

“When I initially applied to colleges back in 2001/2002, I was rejected from every school I applied to because I struggled in high school and did poorly on the SATs,” DeCarolis recalled. “I have my rejection letter from Temple University from 2002 framed as part of a gallery wall in my house. It's totally ridiculous, but I feel like I need reminders once in a while that sometimes, the only way to grow is to give yourself the time you need to do so. I am hoping to one day frame a diploma next to it. That would be great!”

Danielle hopes to continue her education after RCBC and apply what she’s learned to her current role. During her free time, she dabbles in landscape photography and running.

“Pre-COVID, I was an avid runner and completed a good number of half marathons,” DeCarolis said. “Very slowly, but I made it to the end each time...eventually! I just had to pet all the dogs I saw on the course first.” 

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