Ready to meet your new best friends? Challenge yourself in ways you never thought possible? We can’t wait to meet you! 

It’s easy for a homeschool student to apply and enroll at RCBC. 

Schedule an appointment with our Homeschool Admissions Counselor to receive personalized attention throughout the enrollment process. 

What can I expect during the appointment?

You will... 

  • complete your application.

  • complete the registration process.

  • receive an RCBC Student ID. 

What do I need to bring to my appointment?
  1. Homeschool Student Application. (This application must be submitted in-person; emailed/mailed applications will not be accepted.) 

  2. A photo ID (if applicable)

    1. If the student does not have a photo ID, please complete the Student ID Paperwork. 

  3. Copy of accurate transcripts of homeschool curriculum is recommended (not required). Please submit to:

Rowan College at Burlington County
Office of Admissions
900 College Circle 
Mount Laurel, NJ  08054

Will I need to take a placement exam?

If a student is interested in taking a Math or English based course, they will need to sit for the Placement Exam.

If a student is under the age of 16:
The student will need to meet with an admissions counselor, prior to moving forward in the enrollment process. To make an appointment contact us.

If a student is 16 years old or older:
Students may need to sit for the placement exam if they do not meet the following criteria:

  • Received a C or higher in a college level Math or English Course
  • Have Math Scores for: SAT of 530 or higher and/or ACT Score of 20 or higher
  • Have Critical Reading Scores for: SAT of 540 or higher and/or ACT Score of 23 or higher

For sample questions and practice of the Placement Exam, please click here.
Test Center hours and locations can be found here.