The Baron is RCBC’s multi-genre anthology of interdisciplinary student, faculty and alumni writing.

The anthology debuted at the beginning of the fall 2019 semester to help commemorate the college’s 50th anniversary: a way to reflect on our past and look forward to our future. The Baron is published annually in print and overseen by an editorial staff made up of students and faculty.

Announcement regarding coronavirus:

In these unprecedented times, we are turning to our art and our screens to remember our humanity. Our history should record how we’re doing this—the emotional highs and lows—our reflections and lessons. The Baron, in this light, becomes more important now than ever, as our campus community is testing its mettle in manic goodwill to continue the project of higher education in Burlington County.

In a moment of social distancing—of words like “spreading” and “contagion”—we remember how the college touches so many in the county, and we encourage all members of the RCBC community to document their testimonies in song, audio file, video and text. Send these to, and these entries will be held to the current guidelines published below, including standards of acceptable content. We also accept Google Drive links for video/audio files. While other submissions will certainly be considered, we feel inclined to assimilate and accommodate to the present moment.

What kind of work can be submitted?

This publication will showcase the diverse talents and unique perspectives of our college community. Readers can look forward to works in a variety of categories, including, but not limited to the following:

  • Argumentative essays
  • Commentary/Editorial
  • Education/Teaching
  • Ethics
  • Explanatory writing
  • Food writing
  • Gender, race, and sex
  • Humor
  • Interdisciplinary writing
  • Memoir/personal essay
  • Nonfiction and creative nonfiction
  • Persuasive writing
  • Poetry
  • Popular culture
  • Profile writing
  • Research writing
  • Reviews (books, films, music, etc.)
  • Short fiction
  • Travel writing
Submission Guidelines

The Baron Anthology is now accepting submissions of fiction, nonfiction, creative nonfiction, poetry, etc. for its fall 2020 issue. Any and all subject matters are welcome.

We are also seeking work to commemorate the centennial of the passing of the 19th Amendment to the Constitution. This Amendment, which guaranteed women the right to vote, marked an important milestone in the fight for equal rights. Despite being an important step for women’s suffrage, however, the 19th Amendment did not guarantee voting rights to everyone. It wasn’t until the Voting Rights Act of 1965 that all women, not just white women, were guaranteed the vote. Since then, we have made significant progress with women’s rights, but we still have a long way to go.

For example, we are aware that white women earn 79% of what a white man makes. But many people don’t realize that black women only earn 67% percent of that, and Latina women only earn 58%, and the Equal Rights Amendment was only ratified by the required 38th state this year. On a global scale, we are rapidly moving into an environmental crisis, with many female activists leading the way in this undeniably feminist issue. With sustained violence, both implicit and explicit, against communities of color, it is important to remind ourselves that women’s rights are human rights.

Some potential topics include:

            -The 19th Amendment and the progress we’ve made since

            -Intersectional Feminism

            -The Equal Rights Amendment

            -Women’s history, worldwide

            -Representations of feminism and/or women’s rights in popular culture

Submission Guidelines:

We will begin accepting submissions from our respected faculty, staff, students and alumni on January 21, 2020. To facilitate the editorial process, please adhere to the following submission guidelines:

PROSE. Prose manuscriptsincluding fiction and nonfictionshould not exceed 3,000 words. This includes abstracts, references, notes, etc.

POETRY. Poetry submissions should contain 3-5 pieces. Each poem should be placed on a separate page.

Potential contributors should also:

· Use black type only.

· Submit only in Times New Roman font.

· Use font size 12 for the manuscript.

· Center the title.

· Indent first line of each paragraph.

· Double-space the text.

· Place dialogue in quotation marks.

· Include a brief bio at the end of the document. The bio should include the writer’s publications, institutional affiliations, awards and interests.

STYLE GUIDELINES. Concerning style and formatting, potential contributors may use style guidelines related to their respective disciplines: MLA, APA, Chicago, etc.

PREVIOUSLY PUBLISHED WORKS AND PLAGIARISM. We are soliciting original manuscripts only. Please do not submit previously published work. All submissions will be reviewed. By submitting your work, you accept that your manuscript may be screened for plagiarism.

STANDARDS AND PRACTICES. Keep in mind that this is a college publication; therefore, submissions must conform to RCBC’s standards and practices of civility. Use of foul, obscene, abusive, or demeaning language will result in the automatic rejection of the manuscript. This includes gratuitous use of profanity that has no academic or artistic value.

HOW TO SUBMIT. Send submissions to as either a .doc, .docx, or .pdf file. Please include your name and email address on each page. 

SUBMISSION PERIOD. The submission period is open from January 21, 2020 to May 13, 2020.

NOTE. The editorial staff will consider all submissions, and we will make every effort to respond to individual manuscripts. We reserve the right to edit documents if grammatical or typographical errors are found.

We look forward to reading your work!


How to Submit Your Work

Send submissions to as either a .doc, .docx, or .pdf file. Please include your name and email address on each page.