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RCBC Valedictorian Christina Scillieri


Marion Akins

Meet Barons Saving and Succeeding

Marion Akins
Business Owner

It’s never too late to earn a degree and sharpen your skills. Read about how Marion Akins, a Burlington County business owner, attended RCBC to earn a degree at an affordable cost and found herself inspired as she excelled.

Owen Taylor

Owen Taylor
Former Saxbys SCEO

As a Business Administration student at RCBC, Owen Taylor had the opportunity to step out of his comfort zone and learn how to manage a café with Saxbys. Learn how the inaugural RCBC Student CEO set the café up for success and gained a wealth of experience while doing so.

Briana Rivera

Briana Rivera
Culinary Intern

Among the numerous experiential learning opportunities at RCBC, Briana Rivera succeeded in her pursuit of a position with Deborah Heart and Lung Center. Read about her story, where Briana was able to strengthen her skills and learn how to curate a culinary environment.

Dana Knittel

Dana Knittel
Business Student

Being a first generation college student is no simple feat, and for Dana Knittel, pursuing her education is essential. Get to know Dana’s inspiring story as a Business major at RCBC, as well as her plan for the future.