Charvas Singleton gains deeper professional insight through WDI program
Tuesday, Oct 29, 2019

Charvas Singleton standing outside of his truck

Charvas Singleton died on June 15, 2019.

What was meant to be a simple cell phone purchase turned into a violent encounter, during which Singleton was shot five times. He spent four weeks in the hospital (one of which he was on life support), and he spent another two weeks in a rehabilitation facility. 

“I died on the operating table; however, a team of doctors and nurses were able to resuscitate me. I went from being bedridden, to being in a wheelchair, to walking with a walker, to walking with a crutch and now I’m walking independently,” Singleton said.

Singleton’s recovery has enabled him to recently return to work as a commercial delivery driver for Sigma Imaging, a position he earned after completing Rowan College at Burlington County’s (RCBC) Supply Chain Management program offered through the college’s Workforce Development Institute. 

Singleton has always held an interest in getting from point A to point B. He earned his Commercial Drivers License in fall 2015 and has been driving commercial vehicles ever since. In December 2017, he received a layoff notice and was informed that his employer would be ceasing operation. After speaking with a counselor at the Burlington County Unemployment Center, he was informed of the Supply Chain Management program at RCBC.  

“I had an awesome experience being a Supply Chain Management student at RCBC. The program consisted of a series of modules that educated me on transportation, logistics, demand planning, how to manage a warehouse effectively and more. Being that I am a truck driver, the transportation module was my favorite lesson,” Singleton said.

As a truck driver, Singleton embraces simplicity. He gets behind the wheel, turns the key to the ignition and drives. However, the time he spent at RCBC equipped him with the knowledge of what goes on behind the scenes, particularly when it comes to truck driving.  

“At my previous employer, I had established a rapport with my dispatchers, but I had no idea how their job duties help me throughout my day. Supply Chain Management gave me a better understanding of that,” Singleton said. 

Sigma Imaging, a family-owned and operated business founded in 1991, partnered with RCBC’s Workforce Development Institute in 2016. This partnership has yielded the employment for four graduates, and RCBC continues to assist Sigma Imaging with their staffing needs as their business grows. 

“Charvas and Sigma Imaging's connection is a perfect example of how Workforce Development can assist in empowering students to go out into the workforce and interview with confidence, knowing that they have been provided all the tools necessary to be successful in this growing field," said Stacy Hunt, account relationship manager at RCBC’s Workforce Development Institute. 

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