Debt Undone with 3+1. With RCBC's premier partnership with Rowan University, you can earn an associate and bachelor's degree without crippling college debt.

How does the 3+1 Program save me money?

Take 75% of your courses at RCBC and finish your bachelor's degree through Rowan University in four easy steps.

Earn your associate degree
Complete your associate degree which counts as your freshman and sophomore year.

Continue at RCBC in Mount Laurel
Continue your savings by taking your junior-year courses with RCBC's faculty.

Seamlessly transfer to Rowan University
Take your senior-year courses with Rowan University faculty in Mount Laurel or online for a 15% discount off of Rowan University's tuition and fees.

Get a jump start on your future
Earn an associate degree from RCBC and a bachelor's degree from Rowan University with a savings around $75,000. That is money you don't have to repay after graduation!

Please note: Total tuition is determined by the selected program.

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Associate of Applied Science | Bachelor of Science
Mount Laurel

Become a registered nurse and then earn a bachelor’s degree for advancement opportunities in the ever-expanding field of nursing. 

* This program requires in-person courses for the AAS. Nursing degree. Senior year courses with Rowan University are only offered online.

Associate of Arts | Bachelor of Arts
Mount Laurel

Learn more about human behaviors, personalities, thoughts and emotions. Coursework includes lifespan development, abnormal psychology, cognition and social interactions, among other topics. 

* This program can be completed fully online (pending math placement) or in a hybrid format (in-person in Mount Laurel with some online courses).