We've put together these resources to help teach others about complicated topics related to diversity and inclusivity. 

Don’t tell me. Show me the video resources.

Complicated topics require dynamic forms of explanation. Whether it means comparing microaggressions to mosquito bites, using animation to explain systemic racism or hearing from a subject matter expert on trauma and privilege, these video resources provide a more digestible means to absorb complex information. Click on any of the topics to view the video. 

Unconscious bias . Systemic racism . Childhood trauma
Microaggressions . Privilege

How can I teach my child about diversity?
Unsure how to talk to your child about diversity? The good news is there are plenty of resources at your disposal, including from our library.

Student Resources
If you’re a student we offer the following resources that may meet your individual needs. If you are looking to find peers with similar interests, consider one of our many student clubs.