The bookstore is a one-stop-shop operated for the convenience of our students, faculty and staff. In addition to carrying the required and recommended books for all classes, the bookstore provides school supplies, textbooks, course materials, RCBC clothing, RCBC gift items and a variety of snacks.

Fall 2023 Term pick up dates:

15 week – August 22nd

First Seven week – August 29th

10 Week – September 19th

Second 7 Week- October 17th

To opt out, e-mail, however we can only process the opt out a week before class begins and prior to the final drop date.  We will process the opt out at the store level and let the college know to remove your fees. Please be patient for the fees to be removed or refunded. 

Last day to opt out for 2023:

Fall 2023 Term:

15 week – September 12th  

First Seven week – 8th

10 Week – October 2nd  

Second 7 Week- October 30th  

ACCESS aims to lower costs, increase student success

RCBC students can now ACCESS their books and course materials with less cost and greater convenience.

In an effort to better support students in the classroom, and to provide more predictability over the costs of books, RCBC students pay a flat rate ($21 per credit) for all of their books and course materials. The charge will be included in their bill so students can use their financial aid or payment plans for their books.

Health Sciences courses have unique course materials that require a distinct cost schedule. See below for information about Health Sciences course materials.

Students are automatically enrolled in this program. To opt-out*, email

Please include:

  • Student ID number
  • The semester for which you wish to opt out
  • The courses for which you have registered

You will be notified when your materials are ready for pick up from the bookstore. 

Please note that the last day to opt-out is the last day to drop a course, as listed on the academic calendar.*

Please note: in most cases the opt-out will apply to all of the courses you are taking in a specific term and cannot be applied on a course-by-course basis, except for Health Sciences.

Students who would like their ACCESS material shipped to their preferred address can opt in by adding the ACCESS shipping fee ONLY to their cart for a $5.33 charge. To have your items shipped to your preferred address, click here.

Returning Rented ACCESS Textbooks

Rental Textbook Due Date

Spring 2023 Term: 

15 week- May 9th 

First 7 Week- March 12th 

10 Week- April 28th 

Second 7 Week- May 12th 

Summer 1 Term: 

First 7 Week – July 7th 

10 week – August 4th  

12 week – August 18th  

Summer 2 Term: 

Second 7 week – August 27th  

Fall 2023 Term: 

15 week – December 18th  

First Seven week – October 23rd  

10 Week – December 8th  

Second 7 Week- December 19th  

No Contact Drop Box Return to the Mount Laurel Campus

Students have the option to return their textbooks through a no contact drop box on campus. The white drop box is located between the Student Success Center and the Science Building, labeled Library Drop Box. 

Rentals returned in the drop box:

  • Must be tied in a plastic bag.
  • The bag must include the textbooks along with one of the following:
    • The packing list.
    • The student name, email address and phone number written legibly on paper.

Please note if all of the required information is not included, the bookstore staff will not be able to check the books in as returned.

Return to the Bookstore In Person

Textbooks can be returned in person at the RCBC Bookstore during normal business hours.


Extending Rental Period or Purchase Your Rental
For many of our titles, you may further extend your rental period for a full term, or purchase your rental.

If you have an account you can do this by:

  1. Access the Bookstore Website
  2. Going to your account page
  3. Click to view your Order History
  4. Click on the Order Number containing your rental item(s)
  5. Under Rental Status, you may select to check in, extend the rental