Need help figuring our Blackboard? Want to unlock the full potential of your classroom? We're creating this library of tutorials to help you understand Blackboard and all of its features so you can be successful. 

A preview of Blackboard with labels - Map of a Blackboard Home Page
A Map of a Blackboard Course

A walkthrough of a Blackboard course so you can be prepared for your class.

Blackboard Tools Tutorial
Using Blackboard Tools

A walkthrough guide on utilizing Blackboard tools.

Online Classes Tutorial
Online Classes: What to Expect

What does it take to be successful in an online course?

Using WebEx and Blackboard
Using WebEx and Blackboard

Get a better understanding on how to use video conferencing in Blackboard.

Blackboard Documents
Documents and Using Blackboard

Get a better understanding of how to use documents in Blackboard.

Understanding Notifications
Understanding Notifications in Blackboard

What types of notifications are there? How do you edit your settings? Where can you find them?

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