Here's a quick overview to finding your class schedule and knowing how your class will meet for the upcoming semester.

example of a fall 2020 course schedule from Self-Service

Where do I go on the first day of class?

Determine your course format
Review your schedule in Self-Service to determine your course format. More information on course formats can be found in the "Understanding your course schedule box below". A list of courses meeting on-campus can be found here

View your courses in Blackboard
Access the Blackboard tile in your BaronOne account on the first day of classes to access your courses. Review each individual course in Blackboard for your course syllabus and additional course information. Be sure to also check your student email for important communications for your professor.

Have Questions?
Any questions about your course should be emailed directly to your professor. If you aren't sure who to contact, please contact the appropriate academic division.

Liberal Arts Division

Health Sciences Division

Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (STEM)

How to see a copy of your schedule in Self-Service

To get started log into your BaronOne account and select the Self-Service tile.

tile in Self-Service

Once you're in Self-Service, click on the Student Planning option.

Student Planning button in Self-Service

Click on the Go to Plan & Schedule link.

Screenshot of where the Plan & Schedule link is under Plan your Degree and Register for Class.

To view your full schedule, select the correct semester and click the Print Button.

Plan your Degree and Schedule your courses screen with the print button.

Understanding your course schedule

Here is an example of a fall 2020 course schedule.

example of a fall 2020 course schedule from Self-Service

Your course schedule will provide important information regarding each course format. For more information on the different course formats, click here. Here are some important notes for fall to know about these course formats and your schedule.

Virtual Live Course (VLC)

  • Examples of Virtual Live Courses (VLC) from the sample schedule:
    • MTH-107-116 Introduction to Statistics
  • Time is shown as a set day/time for online lecture for these courses.
  • Location is listed as WEB Blackboard, INT.

Hybrid (HYB)

  • Example of a Hybrid (HYB) course from the sample schedule:
    • CHE-116-500 Chemistry Lab (Stage 2 hybrid course).
  • Pay attention to notes listed on your schedule.
    • The note listed on the sample schedule reads:
      Additional Information: Approved for STAGE 2 - in-person course.  Students will report to in-person classes on their first scheduled day based on the days & times listed above.  Instructors for certain classes may reach out in advance or assign on the first day groupings that will dictate for class meetings.

On-Campus (in-person course)
Please note most classes scheduled to on campus are starting virtually.

  • Example of a On-Campus course from the sample schedule:
    • ENG-101-100 and MTH-113-100 were planned as in-person courses but will start virtually.
  • Pay attention to notes listed on your schedule:
    • The note listed on the sample schedule under the ENG-101-100 and MTH-113-100 courses reads:
      The Fall 2020 Semester will be starting out remotely.  This class will not be starting in person and will be meeting virtually at the days and times listed above.   You will be notified two (2) weeks in advance if classes are able to return to the in-person format.

Distance Learning Course (DLC) Fully Online

  • Example of a Distance Learning course from the sample schedule:
    • SOC-101-500 is a traditional fully online course.
  • Time is displayed as TBD since no set meeting times are required for this type of course.
  • Location is listed as WEB Blackboard, INT.