See what tutoring can do for you!

The Tutoring Center provides free support for your courses here at RCBC. Whether you’re writing a paper, studying for an exam or working on homework, the Tutoring Center can help! 

To make an appointment, email the Learning Center at from your RCBC email address. Please include your name, student ID number, the course you need help with and the days and times that work best for you. Don’t wait! To make the best of this great resource, come to the Tutoring Center early and often!

Updated tutoring availability can be found here!

Request an appointment.

A note about course tutoring availability.

Please note that these are approximate times and as appointments are made times may become unavailable.

Appointments are on a first come first served basis. These dates and times are subject to change.

Become a tutor.

Contact Career Services if you are interested in becoming a tutor. Tutors should have a 3.0 grade point average, a B grade or higher in any courses they wish to tutor, and a strong interest in helping other people. Student tutors are paid for their services. To visit the Career Services website, click here.

Online tutoring services (GradeResults).

If a students’ schedule does not align with our live tutors schedules, the Learning Center will offer access to our online tutoring service, GradeResults.


GradeResults provides online support from their staff of instructors with graduate degrees in their field. All support is available via the GradeResults app or online using your computer. The sessions are not virtual meetings but do include interactions with live tutors.

Tutoring is available in the following subjects:

  • Mathematics (all subjects)
  • Science (all subjects)
  • Economics (macroeconomics principles, microeconomics principles)
  • Accounting (accounting principles, managerial accounting and financial accounting)
  • Writing (help with writing for any subject, organizing your essay; improving your grammar.)
  • Grade Results offers math, science and writing instruction all day. Students only need log in to get a live response from a tutor.  Other subjects should be done by appointment.

Get started with GRADE RESULTS

Follow these easy steps to get started:

  • Email from your RCBC student email to receive a username and password.
    • All GradeResults student accounts are set up for an initial 3 hour time span, which can be used by a student to engage with the online tutor in one setting or over multiple sessions throughout the semester.  Requests for additional hours can be approved by contacting the Learning Center.
  • Visit
  • Click on Login.
  • Enter your username and password (provided in the email)and hit submit.
  • Once your class page loads, click “Request a Tutor” and the system will connect you to a live instructor.
  • If you would like someone to walk you through the system before you begin, or if you have any questions along the way please contact Grade Results Customer Support:
    • By phone: 1-800-928-5570
    • By email: at any time.

To learn more about  GradeResults, contact the Learning Center at