The Program Pod

Choosing a major can be difficult. That's why we're bringing you The Program Pod -- a podcast that takes you on a deep dive into RCBC's programs from three different perspectives -- faculty, student and employer!

Join us each month to gain firsthand perspective from those in the thick of a particular major or field. Each episode contains insights to help you narrow your focus, learn about potential careers and see what RCBC has to offer. Bonus: We’ll unpack some great student stories along the way!

Episode 13: Investigating a Career with the New Jersey Department of Corrections

Ever consider a career with the New Jersey Department of Corrections? There are so many unbelievable opportunities for advancement with the largest law enforcement agency in the state. Find out what those options are along with inside perspectives on how to get you there through RCBC's Law and Justice Program. We'll hear from NJDOC Acting Deputy Commissioner, Willie Bonds, RCBC Law and Public Service Assistant Professor, Joseph Rizzo, and RCBC 3+1 Law and Justice student, Jonathan D'Arpino. 

Episode 12: 2023 STEM Commencement Coverage

We wrap up our three-part 2023 RCBC Commencement coverage special with a focus on the 2023 STEM ceremony. We'll speak with the 2023 RCBC President's Award winner Sarah Heil and her inspirational success story, catch up with STEM graduates and hear highlights from this memorable event.

Episode 11: 2023 Health Sciences Commencement Coverage

Part two our three-part commencement series special checks out the 2023 Health Sciences commencement on May 18, 2023. We'll speak with the 2023 RCBC President's Award winner Taylor Fritz and tap into her inner Taylor Swift fandom, catch up with Health Sciences graduates and hear a few clips from this memorable event.

Episode 10: 2023 Liberal Arts Commencement Coverage

The first of our three-part commencement series special checks out the 2023 Liberal Arts commencement on May 17, 2023. We'll speak with the 2023 RCBC Valedictorian Madeleine Armstrong, catch up with Liberal Arts graduates and hear a few clips from this memorable event. 

Episode 9: Sketch Your Future with a Fashion and Design Degree

What are today's current fashion trends? How is the industry changing through lens of social media? Hear from Makenzie Phillips (RCBC Fashion Design Student), Lisa Steinberg (Program Coordinator for Fashion Design and the new Fashion Media and Merchandising) and Lisa Wolstromer (Senior Marketing Director for Cherry Hill Mall) as they discuss the RCBC Fashion and Design program and full details of RCBC's 2023 Spring Fashion Show returning to the Cherry Hill Mall on Friday, May 12.

Episode 8: Broadcast Your Career to the Masses with an Entertainment Technologies Degree at RCBC

Wonder what it's like to cover one the NFL's premiere teams? RCBC alumni Connor Hughes (SNY) and Dave Zangaro (NBC Sports Philadelphia) share their stories of climbing the sports journalism ranks leading them to their dream jobs of NFL reporting and provide advice for the next wave of aspiring sports reporters. 

We're also joined by Dr. Brooke Mailhiot (RCBC Entertainment Technologies Program Chair and Assistant Professor) who explains how to build a solid foundation in the knowledge and skills needed for entry into the entertainment field with a focus on video and digital media production through the Entertainment Technologies program at RCBC.

Episode 7: Making a Career by Making a Difference

Interested in a career with helping others? 2022 RCBC President's Award winner, Gia Carosiello, shares her story of transforming her battles with substance abuse into a remarkable student success story of helping others through a RCBC Human Services degree. 

We're also joined by RCBC Instructor and Department Chair of Social and Behavioral Science, Dr. Brandon Chapman who's currently abroad in the country of Georgia and adding to his already extensive anthropology background.   

Episode 6: Nursing Your Health Sciences Degree to Better Health

What's it like to be a nurse on the frontline of a pandemic? How about medical care in the pediatric world? Join us on this episode as we take you inside getting a nursing degree at RCBC. We'll hear from RCBC nursing student and nurse assistant for Weisman Children's, Brianna Watson, and RCBC Assistant Professor of Nursing, Elizabeth Brendle as they take us inside the classroom and out in the field.

Episode 5: Igniting Your Glow Moment with an Inclusive Education Degree

Wonder what it's like to go from student to teacher? Why is inclusive education and diversity in the classroom so important? What exactly is a glow moment?

Get the answers to these questions and more as we take you on a roller coaster of a conversation with a current 3+1 Inclusive Education major Bert Jordan, RCBC Education Program Chair and full-time faculty member Professor Corvena Francis-Denton, and Willingboro Superintendent of Schools Dr. Neely Hackett. 

Episode 4: Weighing the Scales of a Law and Justice Degree at RCBC

Join Criminal Justice Professor Dr. Amber Ciccanti, 3+1 Law and Justice alum Helen Hull and Manager of the NJ State Parole Board’s Community Programs Division Sherry Sandler for an in-depth discussion about what it means to pursue a career in criminal justice.

Episode 3: Overpower your Anxiety with Public Speaking and Communications

Interested in learning more about how to be an effective communicator? What it takes to land a job in the communications field? Or, simply, how you can overcome public speaking anxiety? 

This episode of “The Program Pod” features RCBC students Michael Chulsky-Lopez and Scott Kubic, RCBC Associate Professor of Speech & Communication Arts and Vice President of the New Jersey Communication Association Dr. Erica Osmond; and RCBC Executive Director of Strategic Marketing and Communications Greg Volpe. 

They’ll discuss:

  • How communications courses can apply to any job

  • Tactics you can use to overcome public speaking anxiety

  • What it’s like to balance college life with mental health 

Listen here

Episode 2: Securing a Cyber Career with Information Technology

Do you have to be a techie to join the IT field? Will you get real-world experience in an RCBC classroom? Do the professors really make themselves available to students? 

Get the answers to these questions and more in this episode! 

We’ve invited Information Technology Instructor Paul Warner, Deborah Chief Information Officer Rich Temple and RCBC Information Technology alum Alassane Togola to speak about all things IT and cybersecurity.

Listen here

Episode 1: Re-engineering Addiction Through Education

Hear an amazing story from RCBC engineering student Justin Schoopachevich who overcame addiction and landed a career with Lockheed Martin. We also hear from RCBC Engineering and Technology programs Professor Dave Wilson and CEO of Denton Vacuum and a member of RCBC's advisory board Frank Cumbo.

Listen here

The Baroness Podcast

If you want to hear from women who lead and inspire, this podcast is for you!

This monthly series highlights women in leadership while encouraging listeners to build their skills, connect with the community and visualize the opportunities available to women in various professions. Tune in for a female perspective into the Burlington County community.

Episode 17: Keep on Truckin'

Dr. Mailhiot steps into the world of interior design and explores the story of two remarkable women who are transforming spaces and empowering others through their creativity, sisterhood, and unwavering passion. The Baroness podcast interviews owners of the boutique design firm WidellBoschetti, Barette Widell, and Christina Boschetti. These two women are redefining the interior design industry while fostering a sense of togetherness, the transformative power of following one's dreams, embracing individuality, creating spaces that reflect beauty and functionality, and celebrating the power of women.

Episode 16: Raise Your Voice, Raise Your Value.

Dr. Mailhiot steps into the realm of transformational leadership as we dive deep into the world of personal growth, professional development, and leadership excellence with renowned coach, author, and mentor Joyel Crawford. Joyel shares her profound insights, strategies, and inspiring stories to help you unlock your true leadership potential, become the driving force of positive change and make meaningful connections. @joyelcrawford

Episode 15: A Legal Sisterhood

Gina Passarella, Editor-in-Chief of Global Legal Brands at ALM, and Lauren Brill, Professor and Higher Education Admissions Officer join Dr. Mailhiot creating a space to enable women to gain confidence, skills and trusting the process along with building time for your family, yourself and your career.

Episode 14: Leader, Laureate and Long COVID

Poet Laureate, survivor and professor Dr. Ann Wallace shares her journey the power of words through poetry and long COVID. Discussing connections with our world, illness and sharing stories. Join Dr. Mailhiot as she discusses Ann’s writing through her struggles, how we can save ourselves and produce narratives that inspire others. 

Episode 13: Empowering Each Other

We are celebrating Women’s History Month with the Executive Director of the Alice Paul Institute, Rachael Glashan Rupisan. The centennial anniversary of the 1923 Equal Right Amendment, the Alice Paul Institute strives to develop leadership, programming, and community activism to honor the legacy of Alice Paul’s work for gender equality through education and leadership development. What does a leader look like? How to inspire women? How can we as a society empower gender equality in our world? Rachel and Brooke reflect on sisterhood, gender justice, and community strengthening. Follow API @alicepaulinstitute

Episode 12: Sisterhood

Join us for an awe-inspiring discussion honoring Black History Month with commuting sisters Deborah Price and Reverend Julia Chaney Moss. Both women are vital conductors within the human services realm and at the Underground Railroad Museum of Burlington County. Listen in as we share the pathway to plant seeds, iconic figures, and the connecting of people crossing your life. These storytellers are preserving our black history in Burlington County.


Episode 11: Learning is Forever

Dr. Jacqueline Agostino and Isabelle Kaddis, RCBC Life Program Instructors, storytellers and passionate women, share their inspiration for the importance of Women's History, how it's left out of our country's awareness, a wave of feminism, the power of learning and wealth of Burlington County knowledge within the RCBC community and beyond. 

Episode 10: Value Your Journey

Professor Corvena Francis - Denton, RCBC Education Program Chair for Inclusive Education, joins us to help foster a connection to our community, becoming a transformational leader and the motivation to keep going as a driven female. Knowing when to implement “me time,” utilize your support system and shift your perspective that anything is possible.

Episode 9: A Veteran's Voice

Dr. Tiffani Worthy is an authentic leader and combat veteran with a diverse background that spans over 20 years across various industries. The common thread in all she does is her commitment to helping people and organizations reach their fullest potential and her passion for learning. Dr. Worthy shares her connection to life and how being a veteran has influenced her career and personal life.

Episode 8: I Want To Live

This month on the Baroness Podcast, we celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness Month. We share survivor stories within our RCBC Family. How can we find support, lead the change and help spread the word about early detection to save lives? Dr. Montalto, Dean of Health Sciences, and Patrice Fields, RCBC Accountant Analyst, inspire us with their cancer journey and ways to fight the unknown and live as survivors.

Episode 7: Be Present Every Single Day

This month on the Baroness Podcast, we welcome our Women’s Advisory Group Committee members back on campus. Lisa Steinberg, Fashion Design and Merchandising Program Coordinator, and Michelle Martin, Workforce Development Institute Senior Analyst, discuss the importance of women, connectivity, support, embracing technology, and what inspires them. Visit our DEI: WAG website at From Dr. Ruocco and Dr. Mailhiot, thank you to all our committee members for supporting women on campus and in our community.

Episode 6: Cooking Up Change

Are you ready to mix things up? Audrey Wiggins, the owner of On the Town Food Tours, and Robin Winzinger, owner of the Robin's Nest Mount Holly, talk about food, flavors, and being diverse in business. Get ready to learn how to stay creative and change with the times in the food industry.

Episode 5: I Didn't Come This Far To Only Come This Far

Dr. June DePonte Sernak, Center for Family Services Statewide Diversity Consultant, shares with Dr. Mailhiot her inspirational upbringing and the culture that shines within her life's work. Meet the Commander, Communicator, Executive; Dr. Sernak's road to being a Diversity Consultant. 

Episode 4: The Power of Mentors

Join Dr. Mailhiot with Dr. Donna Vandergrift, RCBC Dean of Liberal Arts and Psychology Adjunct Emily Graham, as we discuss and discover the power of mentors, The Last Lecture, life lessons, and pursuing your passion at any age.

Episode 3: Unapologetically Me

Dr. Brooke Mailhiot dives in deep with Certified Life Coach and Mom, Stacy Jankiewicz shares the trials and tribulations of women who are stuck trying to be perfect and apologizing for it. @unapologeticallyme_stacy shares our innermost feelings, our need for approval, not needing to fit the “mold” and bring balance to your life.  It’s ok to just be you.

Episode 2: Imperfect vs. I'm Perfect

Children’s Author, Lisa Graham, and RCBC Alum/Illustrator and multidisciplinary artist, Ashley Monteil discuss their journey of searching for the expectation to be perfect and the perception of perfect. Our mistakes become part of our story. Learning not to give up on embracing your own uniqueness.

Episode 1: It Takes A Village

This episode features nationally-acclaimed artist and RCBC alum, Lavett Ballard, whose work was featured on a cover of TIME’s 100 Women of the Year series. Ballard will be joined by Co-Chair of RCBC's President's Advisory Council on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Dr. Tiffany Ruocco and the show's host RCBC Entertainment Technologies Program Coordinator Brooke Mailhiot.

Dr. Ruocco has taught graphic design and photography classes at RCBC for the past 16 years. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Art & Design from Centenary University, a Master of Arts degree in Communication from Seton Hall University and a Doctor of Education in Higher Education Leadership from Rowan University. She has served three governors as their Director of Photography and is the recipient of a National Council for Marketing and Public Relations medal. She is passionate about amplifying female voices and connecting women across disciplines and cultures in order to create a stronger community.

Dr. Mailhiot, an Assistant Professor and Program Chair of the Entertainment Technologies program at RCBC, has been a TedTalk presenter and an E-Learning Technology Specialist, providing over 20 years of a unique combination of creativity, innovation and industry experience in the higher education cinematic arts classroom. She encompasses award-winning real-world experiences that will engage students in developing their creative voices and acquiring a theoretical, historical, conceptual and critical understanding of producing quality cinematic work. Dr. Mailhiot holds a BS in Film and Video Production, an MS in Creativity and Innovation and an Ed.D in Higher Educational Leadership with a specialization in e-Learning Technology from Drexel University. She prides herself on being an instructional and curriculum designer, blending technologies into distance learning, synchronous, asynchronous and integrating learning environments to enhance student academic programs and success. 

Episode 18: Hand in Hand

Dr. Mailhiot explores the importance of networking, career prep and experiential learning, which are the backbone of building business relationships and assist students in putting their classroom to career experience into action. Erica Franklin and Debra Klokis from RCBC’s Office of Career Preparation and Experiential Learning provide insight, tips and tricks and new innovative tools that RCBC’s students, staff and community partners can explore and connect with internship and employment opportunities.

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