Student Code of Conduct

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Conduct on Campus

At Rowan College at Burlington County, students are expected to be responsible members of the college community, respect their fellow students and employees at the institution, and ​abide by the guidelines set forth in the college's Code of Conduct. Issues concerning student misconduct are addressed in a fair and impartial process designed to educate students on the implications of their behavior on their future college and career goals.

​The sections below include important information on the RCBC Code of Conduct, including violations, hearing process and sanctions. 


Tab One: Purpose and Overview of Procedure READ MORE+

Tab Two: Student Code of Conduct READ MORE+

Tab Three: Conduct Review Process READ MORE+

Tab Four: Interim Measures READ MORE+

Tab Five: Conduct Advisors READ MORE+

Tab Six: Hearings READ MORE+

Tab Seven: Sanctions READ MORE+

Tab Eight: Appeals READ MORE+