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The Psychology Option to Liberal Arts provides students with  an understanding of how individual behavior is connected to  biological, developmental, cognitive, and social processes.  This option presents a scientific framework for understanding their own feelings, thoughts, and behaviors, and that of others. In addition, students may be able to deal with their own lives more effectively. The Psychology program offers students the opportunity to gain knowledge of numerous topics in psychology, and to examine select areas in more depth.

Psychology studies are foundational to many career areas such as education, social work, medicine, and industry. Students who plan on transferring to a baccalaureate program in psychology should check the catalog of four-year colleges and universities before  selecting courses.

For more information on the Psychology Program, please contact:

Dr. Elizabeth Lavertu
Psychology Instructor/Sociology Program Coordinator
(609) 894-9311,  ext. 1759

Syreeta Washington, M.Ed.
Psychology Coordinator
(609) 894-9311,  ext. 1311