The ACCUPLACER® test determines which course level is right for you.

Scores from the ACCUPLACER tests are used in making placement decisions.

ACCUPLACER Online™ uses computer-adaptive testing technology to select specific test ques­tions that are best suited for each particular test-taker. This “tailoring” of the test for each student allows for an accurate diagnosis of students’ knowledge and skills.

The computerized nature of the assessment also allows for instantaneous score reporting. As soon as a student finishes testing, her or his scores are available immediately. RCBC also administers Re-Test (Challenge) and ESL assessments using Accuplacer online for a small fee.

Accuplacer Tutoring is also available through the RCBC Learning Center. You can request an appointment by calling 856-222-9311, extension 2096, or through this online form.

How do I transfer Accuplacer scores from RCBC?

In order to transfer Accuplacer scores you received at RCBC to another college, please fill out the Assessment Score Transfer Request form and take it along with the $10 processing fee, to the Cashier's Office at the Mount Laurel campus. Once the fee has been paid, please bring the form to the testing center, located in room 202 of the Student Success Center. Your scores will be sent out in five to seven business days.

Do I need to schedule an appointment to take the test?


An appointment is not required for the walk-in assessment. Seating is limited and on a first-come, first-serve basis. Walk-in college assessment dates are listed on the Test Center Calendar.


What if I'm an ESL student?

For more information, please contact (609) 894-9311, ext. 1350 or 1599 or (856) 222-9311, ext. 2711.