RCBC Barons thank all of our sports officials and official assignors
Tuesday, Apr 28, 2020

Rowan College at Burlington County joins the NJCAA Region XIX in thanking all of our sports officials and official assignors. We miss you! Our officials don’t see their names in the headlines, they don’t show up in the box scores and they don’t make the All-Star teams. However, some of the most important individuals in sports are the contest officials. Without these men and women, there would be no organized competitive sports.

“RCBC is proud to participate in this day dedicated to recognizing our sports officials and assignors. Your efforts are integral to keeping the playing field fair and our players safe. We are missing our sports and the part you play in them,” RCBC Athletic Director Heather Conger said.

We encourage current and former Region XIX student-athletes to officiate. Individuals interested in learning more about becoming an official, or beginning the application process, can do so at sayyestoofficiating.com. ​