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Important Notice About the Retired Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP)

Rowan College at Burlington County was proud to host the Retired Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP) for nearly 50 years. The college thanks all of the RSVP members and volunteers who have participated and will continue to serve in many of our other senior programs making Burlington County a better place. 

AmeriCorps, which funds the program, has awarded this funding to Literacy New Jersey effective April 1. The college looks forward to continuing lifelong learning opportunities for our senior and adult students, and to working with Literacy New Jersey with our shared goal of helping adult learners return to college.  

RSVP members may either continue to volunteer at their current locations or contact Literacy New Jersey at literacynj.org for new opportunities.



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The Retired and Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP) is a national service organization funded by the Corporation for National and Community Service and Rowan College at Burlington County. RSVP members get to make positive contributions to Burlington County, contributing over $500,000 yearly in community service.

RSVP offers “one-stop-shopping” for anyone aged 55 and over who wants to find challenging, rewarding and significant service opportunities in Burlington County. RSVP partners with area non-profit agencies, to positively impact community needs.

RSVP has hundreds of volunteers donating tens of thousands of service hours in participating Burlington County public or private non-profit agencies. A wide variety of opportunities are available to utilize your talents and explore new interests. Some volunteer opportunities include, but are not limited to tutoring, tax counseling, state health insurance assistance counseling, teaching health-related courses, serving on advisory councils, providing services to seniors and assisting individuals in organizing their bills.

RSVP saves Burlington County more than a half-million dollars through over 19,000 volunteer hours yearly. RSVP cannot exist without dedicated volunteers. The RSVP Advisory Council seeks individuals aged 55 or older with experience in marketing, strategic planning and fundraising. Contact us to find out how you can use your time and talents and help citizens both young and old in Burlington County.

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