This pilot program is part of RCBC's High School Quick Step Program which gives high school juniors, seniors and recent graduates access to special career training programs for well-paying jobs or in-demand industries.

This free program will provide food service, accident prevention and an introductory course in food preparation.

Upon completion, students will have six (6) credits toward the Cooking and Baking career certificate and RCBC’s Culinary Arts Associate of Applied Science (AAS.CUL) degree program.The course includes textbooks, materials and certification exam through Servsafe.

Program Requirements

*You may choose CUL 107 or CUL 125. FSM 125 is required.

CUL 107 or CUL 125 Culinary Arts or Foundations of Professional Baking
FSM 125 Food Service and Accident Prevention

Course Descriptions:

CUL 107 Culinary Arts

This introductory course in food preparation includes instruction and practice in sanitation, safety, tools, equipment, basic cooking principles, recipes, menus, work preparation, stocks, sauces, soups, meats, and poultry. This course also includes instruction and practice in the production of seafood, vegetables, potatoes and starches, garnish, international cuisine, and basic baking principles.

CUL 125 Foundations of Professional Baking

This fundamental course in baking includes instruction and practice in sanitation; safety; tools; equipment; basic baking principles; recipes; recipe conversions; weights and measures; yeast doughs; artisan breads; quick breads; doughnuts; fritters; pancakes; waffles; basic syrups; creams; sauces; pastry basics; and pies.

FSM 125 Food Services Sanitation and Accident Prevention

This course focuses on food safety information including foodborne illness; pest management; sanitation regulations; safe food storage; cleaning programs; accident prevention and safety; emergency actions; and crisis management.

To be considered for a grant-funded scholarship, potential students must meet and complete the following requirements:
  • Possess a strong work ethic
  • Ability to follow through and complete projects
  • Have a good attendance record
  • Provide a reference
How do I apply?
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After I apply, what's next?
  • You will immediately be sent an email confirming that you have successfully completed your application.
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  • You will be notified if you have been selected to participate in this program within five business days after the posted deadline.