RCBC marks 3+1 Day with $16.5 million in student savings since launch of 3+1 program
Monday, Feb 28, 2022

man celebrating his graduation

Where can you earn two degrees for less than what most universities charge in a single year? Rowan College at Burlington County! Through the college’s partnership with Rowan University, students may pursue bachelor’s degrees in ten program areas, including Biology, Business, Nursing and more. 

Through this initiative, students take 75% of their courses at RCBC and finish their bachelor’s degree with Rowan University. How does it work? After earning their associate degree, students continue their studies at RCBC’s tuition rate for their junior year and then transition to Rowan University's tuition rate for the senior year. Senior year courses are offered in Mount Laurel or online with a 15% discount on Rowan University's cost.

Participants in the program save around $75,000 individually, while collective savings have reached $16.5 million since RCBC offered the first junior-year class in January 2017. The college observes Tuesday, March 1 (3/1) as 3+1 Day in recognition of this innovative program.

“Student success is our number one goal,” RCBC President Dr. Michael A. Cioce said. “When students can earn both an associate and bachelor’s degree in relevant career paths without incurring crippling debt, we’ve done our job as a college. I look forward to expanding our 3+1 program offerings and continuing to offer a solution to student debt.” 

More than 60% of students in the 3+1 program cite it as a reason they chose to attend RCBC. Alumna Savannah Borden posits that the 3+1 program reaffirmed her decision to attend RCBC; she earned her Psychology degree in 2019.

“RCBC is one of the most affordable and reputable colleges in New Jersey; it was an easy choice from the beginning,” Borden said. “I graduated at such a low price without sacrificing the quality of education I was getting!”

Alum Joseph Randazzo chose RCBC’s 3+1 Biology route as a precursor to medical school. He knew of the STEM department’s reputation and the Rowan partnership solidified his decision. Aside from saving thousands of dollars toward his education, he gained the foundation he needed to advance to the next steps in his journey.

“After my first term, I could see how my time at RCBC set me up with a good foundation of knowledge to be successful in the anatomy, physiology and biochemistry-heavy course load,” Randazzo recalled. “The quality of professors, friendships made and affordability of tuition make me confident that if I had to go back I would 100% choose RCBC again. My favorite moments at RCBC come from the small class sizes and student-to-professor ratios.”

635 bachelor’s degrees have been awarded since the 3+1 program’s inception. This fall, RCBC and Rowan University will add Construction Management to the 3+1 lineup, as well as a track for a master’s in cybersecurity. A 3+1 in Healthcare Management is scheduled to debut in fall 2023.

To learn more about RCBC’s 3+1 programs, click here.