RCBC’s third podcast episode to center around communications
Tuesday, Jan 25, 2022


Whether taking a public speaking course incites anxiety, excitement or indifference, it’s typically a requirement for many students looking to major in communications. The good news? Rowan College at Burlington County’s third episode of “The Program Pod” aims to unpack how students can overcome their fears of public speaking and increase their confidence and hire-ability in the communications sector. 

The episode, airing on January 26 via rcbc.edu/podcast, features RCBC students Michael Chulsky-Lopez and Scott Kubic, RCBC Associate Professor of Speech & Communication Arts and Vice President of the New Jersey Communication Association Dr. Erica Osmond and RCBC Executive Director of Strategic Marketing and Communications Greg Volpe.  

Dr. Osmond, who boasts over 19 years of teaching experience, will discuss the practicality of enrolling in public speaking courses, the tactics she uses to increase her students’ confidence in the classroom and the benefits of choosing a communications degree pathway. 

“I personally believe every single person should minor in communications,” Dr. Osmond shared. “Soft skills get you in the door for any job, and the more you can understand about human connection, the more opportunities will come your way. People always talk about ‘fake it til you make it.’ I’m a big believer in that because when you practice anything enough, it changes your mindset and eventually you become it. It really works.”

Chulsky-Lopez, who studies creative writing and business, and Kubic, an electrical engineering major, will bring the unique perspective of students who’ve grappled with anxiety while balancing college and personal life. 

“Taking Dr. Osmond’s public speaking class was the first time I felt like I was doing something for me,” Chulsky-Lopez shared. “I hoped it would help me get over my fear of speaking in front of a crowd, but it did so much more than that. It made me realize that people aren’t always focused on you and judging you – they’re thinking about themselves. It made me feel more comfortable in not only presenting but also on campus in general.” 

Volpe, who leads RCBC’s marketing team, will offer the employer perspective, speaking to how graduates can market themselves to employers, the skills needed to attain success in a communications career and the attributes the college looks for when hiring student workers for the communications team.

Tune in at rcbc.edu/podcast to hear what they have to say!