From Chinese food delivery to IT systems coordinator, alum accelerates career with RCBC’s CISCO training
Tuesday, Aug 11, 2020

Brian Amanfu

Brian Amanfu’s story begins with a low-wage job, an expensive problem and a desire for a better future. Not even the most intuitive fortune cookie could’ve predicted what would come next.

“I was delivering Chinese food for about $80-100 per week, and my car broke down shortly before I found out about Rowan College at Burlington County’s CISCO training program,” Amanfu recalled.

After exploring options for similar programs at other schools, Amanfu, of Burlington, chose RCBC due to the support he received from several employees and the close proximity to his home. He graduated in 2018 and now oversees two Home Depot warehouses (in Cranbury and Woodbridge) in his position as IT systems coordinator. His day-to-day involves troubleshooting system issues and communicating with managers to resolve them. The foundation he received at RCBC provided a seamless entry into this leadership role. 

“The training was designed not just so that you can pass the test but so that you can really understand the content. It clicked better than any other class I’ve taken. Everything we learned was revisited, and that spoke volumes to me. It wasn’t just teaching to the test; the purpose was to help everyone absorb and retain what they learned,” Amanfu said. 

Beyond the education he received, Brian gained invaluable knowledge from RCBC’s career services team. When it came to looking for jobs after graduating, he felt prepared to take the next steps.

“They gave me millions of dollars worth of knowledge. The way they explained interviews and how to break down your resume, I might take what they told me, and sell it to someone else,” he mused. “The entire career services team was very supportive. There are places that I don’t even remember applying to, but employers were calling me. I just knew it came from RCBC. They really changed my life.”

As for his future plans, Brian hopes to add a logistics certification to his resume and to further his knowledge. Wherever he lands, his innate passion, dedication and unwavering positivity will take him far.  

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