FERPA Data & Cybersecurity Training
Thursday, June 1 9 am - 4 pm Votta Auditorium
Mount Laurel Campus

These sessions will be presented by representatives from the U.S. Department of Education and are targeted for the following audiences: K-12 and Higher Education professionals including but not limited to Senior Level Leadership, System/Technology Staff and Administrators, K-12 Staff and Administrators, Student Services, Financial Aid Staff and Administrators, Career and Technical Prep Programs Staff and Administrators



DOE Presenter(s): Director, Privacy Technical Assistance Center, Ross Lemke; Privacy Technical Assistance Center,Lavette Williams; VP of Enrollment Management and Student Services, Dr. Karen Archambault; Dean of Enrollment Management, Jarrett Kealey; Registrar, LacyJane Ryman; Assistant Registrar, Laura Barnes


Event will cover the following FERPA Data and Cybersecurity Training: 


FERPA 101 Training

Review and discussion of real-life scenarios on FERPA and its applicability to your institution. Participants have an opportunity for interactive Questions and Answers.

  • Improved understanding of FERPA and the context for the law.
  • Reduced misconceptions / misunderstandings about FERPA.

FERPA 201 Training 

Work with student data for a while? Have a firm grasp of the federal student privacy regulations? Delve into some advanced interactive scenarios based on recent guidance and real cases received by PTAC.

  • Expound upon current knowledge of FERPA and overlooked nuances of the law.
  • Enhanced ability to identify and address more complex FERPA-related inquiries.

Office Hours

PTAC experts meet in informal settings with state and regional school districts and technology leadership to discuss K-12 and Higher Education privacy and data security concerns, and offer individual counseling regarding the privacy and security challenges districts are facing.

  • Informal, customized technical assistance based on individual state/district needs.
  • Direct contact between state/district leadership and PTAC TA staff and subject matter experts.

Data Breach Response Training

An interactive role-based simulation of a data breach, focusing on the processes, procedures, and skills needed to respond. This can be customized to other levels / organizations.

  • Review of the current plan for data breach response.
  • Revised response plan, incorporating lessons learned and best practices.

Working with Online Service Providers and Apps 

A review of best practices and training for staff when working with online educational service providers.

  • Review of legal privacy requirements.
  • Examination of school or district practices and potential problems.
  • Technical assistance on incorporating best practices.


Data Sharing Agreement Assistance 

Training on current best practices for drafting data sharing agreements. Review of and informal feedback on your proposed data sharing agreement.

  • Third-party informal review of current or conceptual data sharing agreements with regard to their compliance with FERPA, including best practice suggestions.