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Meet Barons Achieving Big Dreams

Chaunce FosterChaunce Foster
Class of 2022

Focus on the plan, not the problem, is an integral ingredient to success for this Air Force veteran, real estate agent, and RCBC culinary student Chaunce Foster. See what Chauncey is cooking up for his future thanks to RCBC's culinary program and how he plans to serve them together. 

Christina ScillieriChristina Scillieri
Class of 2022 Valedictorian

From tragedy of losing her beloved mother coupled with the world dealing with COVID, to triumph of becoming RCBC’s Class of 2022 Valedictorian, check out how Christina Scillieri is a true inspiration showcasing how perseverance can yield great success.

Gia CarosielloGia Carosiello
Class of 2022 President's Award Winner

Listen to this remarkable story of how Gia Carosiello transformed a dark past battling drug and alcohol addiction into a bright future of helping others in this heartening journey of becoming an RCBC President’s Award winner.

Aaron CaldwellAaron Caldwell
Class of 2022 President's Award Winner

Never limit yourself or let others limit you. A powerful message from President’s Award recipient, Aaron Caldwell. Watch his spiritual journey that took him from potential drop out to motivational knock out.