Reporting Options for Title IX Incidents

There are two options for reporting Title IX incidents: confidential and private but not confidential.  

  • Confidential reporting is only available through the college resources detailed below and can result in counseling only or result in both counseling and official reporting.  
  • Private, not confidential reporting is available for individuals seeking to report an incident for investigation by the college or other law enforcement office.  Students or staff reporting in this manner will also be offered support counseling as the report and investigation process is initiated. 

Confidential Reporting: 

Students or staff members can report incidents confidentially through college resources.

  • For students, on campus Confidential Resources are available through the Student Support Counselor.  Resources are available on the 2nd floor of the Student Success Center. Students can make an appointment online through the (Counseling Request Form) or call (856) 222-9311, ext. 1582. For more details about student support counseling, please visit
  • Confidential reporting resources for employees are available through Carebridge Resources.  Staff can request contact information for Carebridge services via Human Resources without initiating a report.

Private, Non-Confidential Reporting:

Students or Staff members can also report incidents through a private, but not confidential, process where a report and investigation can start.  The procedures detailed below are designed to allow for a prompt and equitable resolution of complaints. The procedures are compliant with existing, related college policies and procedures, including: