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Transfer Services Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will all my credits transfer?

A:  Nearly every school and major has specific courses that students should complete. It is recommended that you meet with a transfer advisor as early as possible to determine appropriate program and general education courses to maximize the efficiency of your work at RCBC and get most, if not all, your credits to transfer.

Q: How can I find out what courses I will need for a specific college and major?

A: There are a few ways to do this:

  • Go directly to the four-year college website and click on "undergraduate academic majors" to view the required courses for that major.
  • For schools in New Jersey, go to which lists the recommended courses for all majors at nearly every school in New Jersey.
  • Meet with a Transfer Advisor early on to create an academic plan for graduation from RCBC and transferring.

Q: When is the best time to start planning for transfer?

A: It is recommended that you meet with a transfer advisor during your first semester (or as soon as you made the decision that you want to go on for a Bachelor's degree). The earlier you meet with a transfer advisor the more accurate your plan will be.

Q: What if I don't know what my major will be at the four-year school?

A: First, and most importantly, you must identify your intended career and work backwards. Once you identify a career, you can then select a related major at the four year college and correlating major at RCBC.  

NOTE: If you are undecided about a career, it is important to meet with a Career Advisor in Career Services to engage in self-exploration to determine how your interests align with careers. While deciding, you should take the required General Education courses which will continue your progress toward your Associate's degree and also provide exposure to a variety of academic disciplines that may influence your decisions about your future major.

Q: Should I visit four-year colleges and universities?

A: YES!! Visit a few if you want. Contact the school's Admissions Office and ask for an appointment or sign up for a tour of the campus. Tell them, in advance of your visit, what your interests are and ask if they can arrange for you to meet with someone who is very knowledgeable about your potential major.

Q: Are RCBC's Guaranteed Admission Programs the only way I can transfer to certain schools?

A: NO! The Guaranteed Admissions Program (GAP) is just one way for a student to transfer. It is more formal than going through the "regular" transfer process.


  • Apply for GAP before registering for your 30th credit at RCBC
  • Follow the recommended transfer plan for the intended major at the four-year school
  • Earn a specific grade point average and graduate from RCBC

Following these requirements, you are GUARANTEED ADMISSION into that major at that school.

Q: Should I look at more than one school for transfer?

A: Absolutely! It is never a good idea to "put all your eggs in one basket". Researching several schools gives you a good idea of which school may truly be the best fit for you. To research colleges, click here.