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Salary Negotiation

Tips When Discussing Salary

Never mention a dollar figure before the employer does!
You are guaranteed to either over-price or under-price yourself. Even if an employer asks the salary you are looking to receive, never give a figure! If you are too low, you might get a much lower salary than you could have gotten. This could cost thousands of dollars. If you are too high, you might be out of the range the Employer can afford and not considered for the position.

There are many benefits to a job besides the starting salary, including health and vacation benefits, flexible hours, and opportunities for advancement.  Be sure to understand the entire “package” and actually be offered the job before you ask questions about salary.


Salary Resources

Career Services offers a salary negotiation workshop every Spring term. Check our workshop schedule for upcoming date, time, and location. Below are a few additional resources to help you with salary negotiations.

Data Masters : http://www.datamasters.com/

Offers a current salary survey of occupations in the computer industry.

ERI Economic Research Institute: http://www.erieri.com/

Offers salary survey analyses, cost of living comparisons, and executive compensations analyses in the form of database software and published reports. Provides information for 7,200 U.S., Canadian, and international cities and links to other helpful salary and cost-of-living resources.

Jobstar Salary Information: http://jobstar.org/tools/salary/index.php

Offers links to 300+ salary surveys, as well as other salary information and advice on negotiating a salary with and employer.

NACE Salary Calculator Center: http://www.jobsearchintelligence.com/NACE/jobseekers/salary-calculator.php

The National Association of Colleges & Employers (NACE) Salary Calculator program will ask you for information relating to your education, employment history, and other factors, to create the most accurate compensation and employment guidance available. 

Payscale.com: http://www.payscale.com

Excellent source of detailed salary information. Complete a free salary profile for a unique understanding of your current market rate.

Salary.com: http://www.salary.com

One of the top salary tools on the web. Salary information for your region and for thousands of job titles. Each job includes a description. Also available are relocation and cost-of-living tools.

SalarySite.com: http://www.salarysite.com/

On SalarySite.com, you can quickly access just about any salary information you need. One of the most common reasons people come to us is for our salary calculator information. We have several ways of breaking down salary calculations.