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Transition to an Online or Offsite Degree through Rowan Global

Students will stay at RCBC for their freshman and sophomore years to complete an associate’s degree, and then transition into a Rowan Global program for their junior and senior years to complete a bachelor’s degree. Rowan Global offers flexible degree completion programs fully online and at offsite campuses, like in Camden, NJ and RCBC's Mount Laurel Campus. These programs are ideal for those students who may desire to enroll in a Rowan University program but need the convenience of online, Saturday, or off-campus course work.

For more information about Rowan Global degrees, click here. To apply to Rowan University - Global, click here.

RCBC alumni who opt to pursue a Rowan University degree online enjoy the benefit of:

  • Easy continuation from an associate’s degree to a bachelor's degree with no application fee.
  • A 15% discount off of the undergraduate Rowan University tuition and fees for courses offered through Rowan Global.
  • Guaranteed acceptance to Rowan Global undergraduate programs provided admission conditions are met for the intended major. For more information, please click here.

*Other programs are available in Mount Laurel through RCBC's 3+1 Program

Rowan Global Degrees (following the completion of an associate degree)

Offered at RCBC's Mount Laurel campus:

Masters of Business Administration

*Masters of Business Administration (MBA) requires the completion of a bachelor’s degree and prerequisite courses. Please click here for more information.

Offered fully online:

       B.A. in Construction Management      B.A. in Liberal Studies (Concentration in Philosophy/Religion and PR in the Workplace)

Offered at the Camden, NJ campus:

B.A. in Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Management      B.A. in Human Services   B.A. in Sociology