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RCBC 3+1 student explores multiple career options

Brian O’Neal began his college career as many students do. Undecided. However, after meeting with a Student Services staff member at RCBC, he gained a renewed sense of direction and a job.  

“Once the 3+1 Psychology program launched, I hopped on board and decided that was the pathway that I wanted to follow. I chose this field because it gives you so many transferable skills applicable to any job in the world. I studied psychology; however, I also received an associate degree in sociology,” O’Neal shared.  

Brian fully immersed himself in the RCBC experience. He was a member of Phi Theta Kappa, the National Society of Leadership and Success and was even Vice President of Student Government for a time. He is currently employed as a student worker.  

“The most memorable times here would be getting involved in all of the ‘little things.’ Participating in a roundtable discussion with my peers regarding New Jersey college tuition with the governor of New Jersey was certainly one of the most nerve-wracking, yet memorable experiences. The RCBC campus environment gave me memories that you cannot get anywhere else,” O’Neal said. 

O’Neal has most recently begun his last semester at Rowan University. Between two jobs and full-time school, he does all he can to get out and make the most of the outdoors.  

“I enjoy every aspect of the outdoors like camping, hiking, backpacking, biking and especially traveling. I have plans of traveling out to California this coming April to branch out and see all that is out in this world,” O’Neal said.  

As for the future, Brian prefers to keep himself open to several options. He currently works as a Shift Supervisor at UPS, where he has the ability to work full-time hours and gain experience in management. As a part-time Peer Advisor at RCBC, he sees the inner workings of the higher education field and is learning what makes those pieces fall together.  

O’Neal holds a bigger picture interest in Industrial Organizational Psychology. He’s interested in studying workplace productivity and management and employee working styles.  

“You get a feel for the morale and personality of a company or organization. This is a route I’d take toward consulting, and it would allow me to travel to many places and explore. There is much opportunity out there, and I would continue to explore that through graduate school next year,” O’Neal said.

Brian's story is part of RCBC’s 50 stories for 50 years. In honor of the college’s 50th anniversary, RCBC is profiling students, faculty, administrators, alumni and the college community. Anyone interested in being featured can contact rcbcnews@rcbc.edu. To follow along on social media, use #RCBC50Stories.