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Economists: RCBC’s impact exceeds $500 million annually

RCBC Graduates

Every dollar invested in Rowan College at Burlington County returns more than $20 in student income, tax revenue and societal benefits, according to a new economic modeling study completed by Emsi, an international labor market analytics firm.

An analysis of the impact of alumni, student spending and the college’s operations, showed that the college added $504.9 million in income to Burlington County, which is equivalent to nearly 15,000 jobs or one out of every 19 in the county.

“Rowan College at Burlington County drives the county’s economy and countless individual lives forward. This research objectively quantifies the value students, taxpayers and society receive for trusting their dollars in their community college,” said RCBC President Dr. Michael A. Cioce. “This is the best piece of economic news for the region since the Philadelphia Phillies signed Bryce Harper to the largest free agent contract in baseball history.”

Learn more at: rcbc.edu/impact.

The study also found that RCBC alumni increase their earnings by $8,900 per year and receive $6.20 in return for every dollar they invest in RCBC. That translates in an 18.9 percent average annual return, greater than the stock market or savings accounts. Taxpayers see an even greater return on their investment; $8.20 for every dollar.

“Rowan College at Burlington County’s impact is undeniable and now it is measurable,” said Burlington County Freeholder Director Tom Pullion. “These numbers are impressive, but not surprising considering RCBC’s high quality. Our entire county can be proud of RCBC and be certain that our investment in education is making a difference in the lives of residents and our economy.”