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Mission and Goals

Mission of the College

Rowan College at Burlington County transforms lives by delivering innovative, high-quality and affordable educational experiences in an accessible and diverse environment.


  1. To provide an educational experience that encourages the individual to think critically and to examine and clarify ethical, personal and political values.
  2. To prepare individuals for transfer to four-year colleges, for employment in business and industry and for new career skills.
  3. To enable individuals to strengthen their academic skills through adaptive learning, counseling and academic support.
  4. To enrich the quality of life by sponsoring cultural, recreational and personal interest activities through an extensive program of community and continuing education.
  5. To engage in partnerships with the private and public sectors and to implement programs that address their identified employment needs.
  6. To provide state-of-the-art technologies in the education and training of all individuals through an appropriate mix of delivery systems.

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