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Mission and Goals

Mission of the College

Rowan College at Burlington County transforms lives by delivering innovative, high-quality and affordable educational experiences in an accessible and diverse environment.

Goals of the College

I. Access

A) Increase awareness and expand upon the high-quality academic and enrichment opportunities available and accessible to diverse populations.
B) Provide high school students with skills evaluations and access to opportunities to prepare for college-level work.
C) Provide effective student support services and resources to enable learners and  increase access.
D) Strengthen and grow distance education in order to provide more convenient  access to academic programs.

II. Affordability

A) Align expenditures with revenues or identified cost savings.
B) Develop and nurture significant partnerships for cost-effective academic and employment pathways.

III. Quality and Effectiveness 

A) Measure quality and effectiveness in educational design and delivery
B) Standardize information used to gauge perceptions and objectively measure institutional quality and effectiveness.
C) Provide meaningful educational opportunities, including professional development and continuous improvement.

IV. Student Success

A) Strengthen the meaningful pathways that best serve students’ academic, career and personal goals.
B) Strengthen student persistence and retention and achieve increased graduation rates.
C) Facilitate an environment supportive of curricular and co-curricular student needs.


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