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The Journalism program prepares students to communicate effectively in writing. This preparation enables students to succeed in a variety of fields as well as to contribute in meaningful ways to society. The Journalism program prepares students to work in print and broadcast journalism, organizational communications, public relations, marketing, and advertising. Journalism graduates work in communication organizations of various sizes and in a variety of positions. Students are advised that employment in Journalism traditionally requires education beyond the AA degree and practical experience in the field.

Graduates of this program should be able to:

  • Communicate more effectively in writing;
  • Translate complex information into easily understood prose;
  • Make ethical decisions about duties and responsibilities of the media and those involved in public communications;
  • Demonstrate ethical judgments about matters of public information;
  • Analyze the concept of media convergence;
  • Explain the fundamental nature and elements of news and information delivery;
  • Use various methods to analyze and contribute to online and Internet sources.

Students planning to transfer after graduation should consult Transfer Services, RCBC has guaranteed admission partnership agreements with the following colleges and universities:

In Journalism:

  • Rider
  • Thomas Edison
  • TCNJ

In Communications:

  • Seton Hall
  • Arcadia
  • Temple

Should you have additional questions, you may contact:

Liberal Arts Division
(609) 894-9311, ext. 1441