International Studies Program

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International Studies

The A.A. program in International Studies provides a course of study for those students interested in understanding the political, social, economic and cultural elements present in the contemporary world. This transfer program provides a strong liberal arts foundation with an international focus. This program provides a curriculum that examines international relations from an historical background; the influence of language and literature and geography on cultures; and the significance of different religions and develops fluency in a foreign language in a cross- cultural context. The International Studies prepares students for transfer to four-year colleges to prepare for such fields as Foreign Service, international relations, international business, international aid and development, international news analysis and communication. Students interested in careers in law, communications, government, language translation and education will benefit from this program.

Graduates of this program should be able to:

  • Write at a more sophisticated level;
  • Analyze a variety of issues and present objective surveys of public debates on these issues;
  • Explain the ramifications of legal and governmental decisions;
  • Demonstrate ethical judgments about matters of public information;
  • Use various criticized perspectives to analyze non-fiction texts;
  • Translate complex information into easily understood prose;

Students planning to transfer after graduation should consult the catalog of the college where they intend to complete their studies.