Honors Initiative

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Honors Initiative

Are you a higher achieving student who is self-motivated and seeking opportunities for independent learning? If so, please consider taking one of Rowan College at Burlington County’s new honors courses during the fall 2016 semester.

What RCBC honors courses are available?

The maximum number of honors courses that can be taken by a student each semester is two.  If a student applies for more than two honors courses, they will be selected for the ones for which they meet the requirements, that are still available, and that follow their order of preference.  The honors classes are filled on a first-come, first-served basis for qualifying students.  The maximum number of students in each honors course is twenty (20). Failure to meet all pre-requisites for Honor Sections will result in being rescheduled to a different section of this course.

CHE115 (General Chemistry I) - CHE115-502HN

Course-specific requirements

  1. High school chemistry with a 'B' or better, or CHE 107 and CHE 108 with a 'B' or better, and algebra skills equivalent to MTH-095 with a 'B' or better.

ENG102 (Composition II) - ENG102-306HN
Course-specific requirements

  1. Honors Section: ENG-101 with a grade of 'B' or better.

HIS101 (US History I) - HIS101-302HN
Course-specific requirements

  1. Honors Section: ENG-101, any AP/Honors History Course or any College Level History Course with a grade of 'B" or better.

MTH118 (Calculus I) - MTH118-303HN
Course-specific requirements

  1. High School or College Pre-Calculus within the previous three years, with a grade of 'B' or better; and the Accuplacer College Level Math Test*.

*Instructor will assist students in scheduling Testing. Test must be complete prior to the beginning of the course.

What are the benefits of an RCBC honors course?

With a maximum of twenty (20) students per class, the professor-to-student ratio is smaller, allowing for more one-on-one instruction and academic support. A smaller class size also allows for more course enrichment opportunities, which might include and are not limited to, guest speakers, class trips, group projects, and student/professor joint research. Finally, grouping goal oriented students who seek an academic challenge creates an intellectually gifted learning environment, which fosters more nuanced class discussion and peer-to-peer interaction.

How will RCBC honors courses impact my transcripts and professional resume?

Students who complete an honors course will receive a certificate of completion and an “H” on their official transcript

How do I enroll in an RCBC honors course?

Students wishing to enroll in an RCBC honors course should check that they meet the course-specific requirements, and register for the course designated above. Faculty will verify that the student is eligible.