RCBC Foundation

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Foundation Board Members

We are fortunate to have a dedicated Board of Directors that work hard to ensure that even though RCBC tuition rates are among the most affordable in New Jersey that scholarships are available to make a very high quality education possible for students.

RCBC Foundation Executive Board

Chair, Tony Mahon, AJM Insurance
Vice Chair, Danielle Lucas, ARI
Vice Chair, Henry Gosik, Sensational Host Caterers
Secretary, Paul Drayton, President at Rowan College at Burlington County
Treasurer, Richard W. Bell, Planning Capital Management
Trusteeship Committee Chair, Joe Tredinnick, TD Bank
Liaison to the Board, Kevin Brown, Rowan College at Burlington County Board of Trustees
Liaison to the Board, Linda Hughes, Rowan College at Burlington County Board of Trustees

RCBC Foundation Board of Trustees

Karen Albanese, Konrad Beverage Company
Dan Caldwell, Stout & Caldwell Engineers & Surveyors
Dr. Patricia Cerulli, Retired Dean of Liberal Arts, RCBC
Dan Clark, Stewart Business Systems
Stanley Ellis, Burlington County Times
Rhonda R. Feld, Esq., Sherman Silverstein Attorneys at Law
Wayne Hileman, Burlington Automotive
Mary Ann Lacey-Gray, Underwriters Marketing Service, Inc.
Jamie McCulloh-Martin, PT, Strive Physical Therapy
George Robostello, Fulton Bank of New Jersey
Benjamin Watts, Liberty Bell Bank
Amy Webb, Saratoga Benefit Services, LLC

Robert V. Santare, Chair Emeritus, Champion Fasteners*
Robert Schattner, Chair Emertius
Millie Gama, Trustee Emeritus, Burlington County Regional Chamber of Commerce*
John Hall, Trustee Emeritus, ABCO Federal Credit Union
John C. Hood, Trustee Emeritus, Retired Insurance Executive
Barry Lefkowitz, Trustee Emeritus, Management Government Resources, LLC