Distance Education

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Distance Education Frequently Asked Questions

Download the Distance Education Orientation

How can I tell if I will be successful in an online course?
That's a tough question, and probably doesn't have an easy answer.  But you can take a short quiz at rcbc.edu/distance-education/quiz1 to help you consider the personal skills you need before starting an online course. 

What technology skills should I have before I take an online course?
Take this short quiz at rcbc.edu/distance-education/quiz2 to find out what technology skills you need before starting an online course. 

How do I know if my computer is compatible with RCBC's course management system?
Check your web browser and operating system with this link.  Some classes also have course or section specific hardware or software requirements which will be listed in the class once the course begins.

I took both quizzes and checked my computer's compatibility.  Then I registered for distance education courses.  What is the next step?
Shortly before the start of your class(es), or shortly after you register, whichever is later, you will receive a welcome message in your RCBC email account from the Distance Education Office. This message contains important information.  You may also receive an email from your instructor on or before the start of the class with specific course information.  

When can I log in to my course?
You should plan on logging in to Blackboard as soon as possible after the official start date of the course.  You will not have access to the class until the official start date.  You will continue to have access until 48 hours after the official end date of the course.  You will not have access after that time.  

I can log in to Blackboard but I don’t see my courses listed.  Why?
Most students get access to Blackboard a day or two before the semester begins, however, the courses will not appear until the official start date of the semester.  No early access is available!  

What resources are available to help me learn to use Blackboard?
If you are new to online learning there are training/orientation videos available to help you get familiar with the system at rcbc.edu/distance/training-videos

Where can I purchase my textbook?
Textbook information can be found at the college bookstore website prior to the start of the semester.  You can also take your registration form to the Mount Laurel Campus Bookstore.

Does Blackboard conform with accessibility standards?
Yes, the core Blackblaod Learn product conforms to Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0, Level AA.  

Do I need any special software or hardware?
No special software or hardware, other than a computer with a supported web browser, is needed to access Blackboard.  However many courses or course sections will have additional requirements specific to that course or section.  One of the most common equirements is to have word processing software such as Microsoft Word™ or a compatable word processor that can "Save As..." Word ('.docx') format.  For example, if you are using Google Docs you can save and export your G Suite files as Office files to share with others.  For classes with course or section specific hardware or software requirements the specific requirements will be listed in the class once the course begins.  You may also receive an email from your instructor on or before the start of the class with specific course information.

Do I have to use any websites other than Blackboard?
You may, and that will depend on the specific course and/or course section.  In order to provide the best possible education many of our faculty use material from major educational publishers such as Cengage, Elsevier, McGraw-Hill, Norton, Pearson or Wiley to name a few.  You will generally link to these resources from Blackboard, but they are not part of Blackboard itself.  You will usually need to enter a publisher "access code" the first time you access the resource.  The RCBC Office of Distance Education can not provide support for these external resources, however support is available.  Each publisher does provide their own support and we can often provide you with their contact information.   For classes that require access to publisher websites the specific requirements will be listed in the class once the course begins.  You may also receive an email from your instructor on or before the start of the class with specific course information.

I have questions about my syllabus or assignments.  Whom do I contact?
Contact your instructor directly using the contact information in the syllabus or from the 'Contact Your Instructor' link at the distance education webpage

I have general questions about distance education.  Whom do I contact?
You may contact the Distance Education Office by calling extension 1790 at (609) 894-9311 or (856) 894-9311 or by email to dlearn@rcbc.edu.

Can I access Blackboard using a mobile device?
Although many mobile web browsers work with Blackboard, none are fully supported. However, if you need to do a quick check-in on your course when you're away from your computer Blackboard’s student app, simply called Blackboard, is available in the Apple, Google and Windows app stores. Download the app to access many Blackboard functions, get grades, and participate in discussions on the go.  Although the RCBC Office of Distance Education recommends using a computer with a strong, stable Internet connection and a supported web browser for most coursework, the Blackboard app can be a great convenience when you need to access Blackboard from a mobile device!
Please note: the Blackboard app is free to use at RCBC, and is exclusively for students!

How do I log into the Blackboard app?
As of 2019, the Blackboard App for mobile devices allows you to log in using BaronOne. When you open the app for the first time, you will be taken to the Blackboard website. If you are taking regular college courses at RCBC, click the link to log in with BaronOne, then log in using your BaronOne credentials. Once inside BaronOne, click the Blackboard tile to return to the app. 


Additional Information About Distance Education Courses

  • All course information is online.  Students access a course website for the syllabus, assignments, course calendar, the on-line equivalent of "lectures" and other course content.
  • Most courses have on-line tests and/or quizzes as well as other graded activities.
  • Students participate in course discussion boards or chat rooms, interacting with the instructor and other students.
  • Students submit assignments to the instructor per the instructions provided in the course.  Generally submissions are made online but this can vary by course or section.
  • Most courses require the purchase of a textbook.  Some also require other materials.
  • Students have access to their instructor through Blackboard. Some faculty may also use telephone, web conferencing or may arrange to meet in person if needed.
  • College resources and services for on-campus students are available to online students. Students also have 24/7 technical support for the Blackboard system.
  • You are responsible for the security of your Blackboard account!  Please remember to shut down your browser if you leave your computer unattended and before allowing someone else to use it.  Be sure to change your password periodically and never share it with anyone else!