Dental Hygiene

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Dental Hygiene as a Profession

Dental hygienists spend their days performing tasks in a variety of roles ranging from clinician, health educator, prevention specialist, and counselor. Communication skills are of utmost importance to be effective in these areas when dealing with a diverse population of clients. Our emphasis is the maintenance of health: the total health and well being of those who come under our care. The delivery of quality oral health care is dependent upon the personal integrity of the hygienist to perform more than rote clinical procedures. S/he must be able to think critically, analyze a patient’s individual needs and deliver a total health maintenance package, which includes complex assessment, treatment, education, documentation and evaluation of a variety of treatment options.

The practice of dental hygiene puts the student at risk for exposure to bloodborne and infectious diseases. The Rowan College at Burlington County Dental Hygiene Program follows all local, state and federal regulations for the protection of faculty, students, patients and staff. A complete manual of our compliance policies and procedures is available upon request.


Programmatic Goals

  • To prepare individuals to obtain entry level positions as professional dental hygienists with the ability to transfer to accredited institutions of higher learning.
  • To produce dental hygiene graduates who practice within the legal, ethical, and regulatory framework and standards of professional dental hygiene practice.
  • To produce dental hygiene graduates who participate as members of their professional organizations, able to serve their community as health professionals.
  • To provide an educational opportunity which allows Burlington County residents and employers to meet their education and employment goals.
  • To provide a comprehensive dental hygiene curriculum that prepares graduates to be professionally competent and motivated to become lifelong learners.