Communication Arts Program

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Communication Arts

Communication Arts trains students in interpersonal, group, and public communications. The Communication program has as its goal the education of individuals who will actively engage in successful communications in various areas of public life. This preparation is concentrated in two areas: writing and production. The first area is concerned with providing students with the education needed in fields such as print and broadcast journalism, public relations, advertising, and marketing. The second area is concerned with providing students with education needed in radio and television behind the scenes production. Students are advised that employment in both of these fields traditionally requires education beyond the A.A. degree and practical experience in the field.

Students planning to transfer after graduation should consult the catalog of the college where they intend to complete their studies.

Graduates of this program should be able to:

  • Demonstrate practical application of skills in their area of specificity;
  • Form critical judgments about the interaction of society and the various media;
  • Make ethical decisions about the duties and responsibilities of the media and those involved in public communications;
  • Analyze the effective use of language in a variety of environments and modes.

For more information about the Communication Arts Program, please contact:

Brooke Mailhiot
Entertainment Technologies and Communication Arts Program Coordinator & Lecturer
Phone: 856-222-9311, ext. 2529
Direct: (856) 291-4220
Office: Enterprise Center, Rm 225 (Mt. Laurel Campus)