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Networking Tips


LinkedIn is the premier professional networking site. It is also great for doing company research. Use it to target companies and people in your field of expertise. This is the best place to locate and setup informational interviews.


Attend RCBC's Industry-Focused Career Fairs

The Career Services Center holds several industry-focused career fairs throughout the year. Our Career Fairs focus on industry sectors such as Health Care, Advanced
Manufacturing, Transportation/Logistics/Distribution, Leisure/Retail/Hospitality, Technology, Financial Services, and Education. Details of each industry-focused Career Fair will be posted on the RCBC website, as well as around campus, as the date for the event approaches.

Career Fairs are not just for people seeking employment. They are also opportunities to learn about companies and what they look for in applicants. The trick is to know how to "work" the fair to make the most of it.

Before the Career Fair

  • Create a “target list” of employers you want to speak to at the fair.
  • Know why you want to work for those organizations. Do some online research on the organizations and print out jobs that interest you.
  • Be prepared to ask questions. Write them down and then practice them with someone.
  • Know what you want to do and know what skills you can bring to each target company.
  • Print several copies of your updated resume.

During the Career Fair

  • Dress nicely and professionally. A suit is not required, but helpful. Jeans and sneakers are never acceptable!
  • Make eye contact when introducing yourself and give a firm handshake (not too firm).
  • Smile and be polite. Enthusiasm is memorable.
  • Turn your cell phone off completely.

Body Language: 

  • Do not fidget or play with your hair.
  • Do not look all around when speaking with the representative.
  • Do not chew gum.
  • Do not check your phone while standing in line.


  • Listen carefully to what the employers have to say about the company or hiring process.
  • Avoid saying "um," "like," or "ya know".
  • Show confidence in your voice. Recruiters won't remember you if they can't hear you.
  • Ask for a business card or write down the representative's name and email.
  • Ask what the hiring procedure is so you do it correctly.

Explore your Options:

  • Speak with as many organizations as you can, but visit the ones on your “target list” first.
  • Try to engage in meaningful conversations with representatives. They won't remember you if your conversation is generic.
  • Representatives are there to provide information about their organizations and career fields, so don’t be afraid to ask.
  • Representatives are excellent resources in your career search and decision-making process.

After the Career Fair

  • Email a thank you note for taking time to speak to you at the fair.
  • Attach a resume to your email, and reiterate your strengths.
  • If you follow up with a phone call, be prepared and know what you are going to say. It is helpful to write yourself a script! Don’t call during lunch hours. Be respectful of the employer’s time.