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RCBC Site Excavation

Title: Broken Pots
Post Date: 11.4.2016

How do we know this site is as old as it is?  We are currently scouring the archives for information about the Bortons and the Ballingers but, as is often the case, the documentary record doesn’t always provide a clear record of the history of a

Post Date: 10.28.2016

In recent weeks, the formal archaeological excavations being conducted at the Borton/Ballinger House site have drawn to a close.  The fieldwork, completed by Hunter Research, Inc.

Post Date: 09.16.2016

While the primary focus of the archaeology currently underway at the Rowan College at Burlington campus has been the 18th-century Borton/Ballinger Farmstead several artifacts have come to light that are very likely not associated with this historic p

Post Date: 09.14.2016

One of our main questions from the very beginning was, “What is left of the Borton/Ballinger Farmhouse?”  Using historic aerial photographs that were stretched to fit modern day maps (using a process called “georeferencing”) we were able to plo

Post Date: 09.9.2016

A small experienced team of archaeologists is unraveling the mysteries of the Borton/Ballinger Farmstead Site.  Leading the charge is Jim Lee, Vice President and Principal Investigator at Hunter Research, who has worked in the Middle Atlantic re

Post Date: 08.24.2016

Concurrent with the archaeological excavations, historians from Hunter Research are poring over old documents trying to piece together the sequence of ownership of this farmstead and establish who lived there.  This involves examining a range of

Post Date: 08.22.2016

Archaeological excavations are under way at RCBC prior to expansion of the campus.  The focus of this work is the 18th-century Borton/Ballinger farmstead that formed the core of the campus property before the college came into being.  The f