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BaronOne Login Instructions for Part-Time Staff & Faculty

BaronOne allows Rowan College at Burlington County students, faculty and staff to access several college accounts using a single sign-on ID and password. This will make access to online services more convenient and safer for the whole college community.

Beginning Wednesday, February 28 any account linked to BaronOne will automatically redirect you to the new login portal.

Your initial login information will be:

  • Username: The first part of your email address (without the @rcbc.edu)
  • Initial password: Capital first initial + lowercase last initial + 4 digit birth year + 7 digit employee ID

An example of a login for John Doe, born March 1, 1988, whose employee ID number is 3381295, would be:

  • jdoe
  • Jd19883381295

After your first sign in, you will be prompted to change your password before you can access your accounts.

After this step, click on the company tab to see your available accounts in BaronOne including email, WebAdvisor, Blackboard and HappyFox (OIT Help Desk tickets). Additional features will be added.

Please be sure to always lock your computer or log out of BaronOne before leaving your computer.

If you have any difficulty signing in, please call the Help Desk at (856) 222-9311, ext. 1304. The Help Desk will remain open 24 hours a day through Friday, March 9 to assist you.

Please note students should contact the Student Help Desk at (856) 222-9311, ext. 1388.

Log into your BaronOne Portal