Aquatics Programs at BCC

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The Rowan College at Burlington County Pool is located in the Physical Education Building on the Pemberton Campus.

The indoor pool facility operates year round and is a six-lane 25 yard pool. The shallow end is 4 feet deep with a maximum depth of 10 feet at the opposite end. The deep end pool deck houses starter blocks for swim meets. The pool is handicapped accessible with the use of a Hoyer Lift. An elevated lifeguard station is located above the 8 feet depth marking.

The spectator area consists of five 3 row bleachers and benches along the windows of the pool area. The modern locker room facility includes a family changing area, new lockers, and private showers. Adjoining both the men and women's locker rooms are new spa facilities complete with separate saunas and hot tubs.

RCBC Swimming Pool Specifications
Number of Lanes 6
Volume of Water 168,000 gallons
Dimensions 45 x 75 Feet Rectangular Shape
Pool Length 25 yards
Score System Colorado Timing System 5 Sports Timer
Aquatic Steps Aqua Step Elite
Duramax Robotic Cleaner In house line plus Aqua Vac Tiger Shark
Filter System DE Open Water Filter System
Chlorine Sodium Hypochlorite 12.5%
pH Carbon Dioxide
Automatic Water Controller Pool Link 1300 Series
Max Bather Load 166
Turnover Rate 6 hours
Depth Range 4 Feet - 10 Feet
Pool Composite 1" mosaic tile
Pool Temperature 84°F - 86°F