Academic Advising

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Graduation Timeline

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0-12 Credits


13-29 credits

  • Am I satisfied with my academic progress (grade point average (GPA) and credits completed)?  Am I able to prioritize and balance school, work, and academics?
  • Am I near the completion of my developmental english, reading, and math courses if applicable?
  • Have I selected an academic major and if not, have I begun completing general education course requirements? 
  • Do I know where I would like to transfer?  If I have completed less than 30 credits (20 credits for some schools), have I met with a transfer advisor to discuss the school and program I am interested in and signed a Guaranteed Admission form for that school and program? 
  • If I don’t know where I want to transfer, have I explored NJTRANSER for academic major options and course recommendations if I would like to continue my education in New Jersey? 
  • Have I considered RCBC activities which will enhance my educational experience like Study Abroad, Service-Learning, Internships, and Co-operative Education?
  • Have I filed for graduation if I am going for a certificate program and have completed all of my requirements? 


30 credits

  • If I have not done so, have I selected an academic major?  Do I understand the program requirements
  • Have I completed the necessary courses to apply to one of the Allied Health programs?  Have I taken the assessment needed (PSB or TEAS) for acceptance into your program of interest? 
  • Do I plan to transfer? If I plan to transfer, have I explored potential schools I would like to attend by going to the Transfer Center, transfer fairs and college visits?
  • If I plan to seek employment following graduation, have I been using Career Services and attending career workshops and events?


48 credits

  • Have I determined what courses I will need to graduate from RCBC and/or transfer?
  • If I plan to transfer, have I begun to the application process for the school(s) I would like to attend? Have I requested official RCBC transcripts, visited the transfer campus and attended open houses/information sessions?
  • If I plan to enter the workforce upon completion of my degree, have I begun to prepare for employment using Career Services?


After you register for your last semester

  • Have I checked WebAdvisor to make sure I have met my graduation requirements?
  • If I am nearing the completion of my final credits towards graduation, have I completed a graduation application on WebAdvisor even if I do not plan to attend the ceremony?  Have I filed the graduation application before the deadline for the semester in which I will complete my degree? 

End  Graduation from Rowan College at Burlington County